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Articles & Videos

Deploy a GraphQL API with graphql-up (egghead.io)

Everybody loves the video courses on egghead.io for their high-quality. In this short video (~ 5 min) you learn how to deploy a GraphQL API with a single click using graphql-up and explore it in a Playground.

GraphQL SF Meetup: Subscriptions, Yelp's Public API, GraphQL at Airbnb

The GraphQL Meetup in San Francisco is the biggest one in the world. Lucky for everyone else they record all the talks ❤️ Here's what happened at the Meetup this week:

Tomer Elmalem: Yelp's Public API (starts at 26:53)
Zane Claes & Geobio Boo: GraphQL at AirBnB (starts at 47:28)
Lee Byron: GraphQL Subscriptions (starts at 1:38:26)


Relay Modern with Lee Byron and Joe Savona (Podcast)

Lee Byron and Joe Savona are guests on the Software Engineering Daily podcast. Check out this episode to learn about how Relay evolved from the original idea to today's version Relay Modern.

Come speak at GraphQL Summit 2017!

Have something interesting you're working on? Share it with the community and submit a talk for the upcoming GraphQL Summit Conference (Oct 25-26, San Francisco).

Tools & Open Source

graphql-tools: A simpler way to create GraphQL APIs

Sashko and Jonas from the Apollo team released version 1.0 of graphql-tools. If you want to get experience in building your own GraphQL server, this toolkit is for you! Learn how you can leverage its functionality and get started quickly on the server-side with this article!

graphql-request: A new lightweight GraphQL client

Relay and Apollo are amazing GraphQL clients for prototypes and real-world applications - but in some cases, e.g. when writing simple scripts, these dependencies are an overkill for your lightweight setup. graphql-request is a minimal GraphQL client and gives you everything you need for basic interactions with a GraphQL API.