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You were awesome GraphQL Europe ??

The first GraphQL conference in Europe took place last weekend and was a great success. More than 300 attendees and high-quality speakers like Lee Byron and Dan Schafer got together in Berlin and shared their excitement about the future of GraphQL. Here's Jamie Barton with a personal summary of the event.

Articles & Videos

Lee Byron speaks about Relay Modern at ReactEurope 2017

Lee Byron not only gave a great talk at ReactEurope 2017 in Paris and shared some really interesting insights into the development of Relay Modern. He also actually released Relay Modern live on stage. Definitely a gem you don't want to miss!

Freecom Tutorial: Business Logic with Serverless Functions

The Freecom fullstack tutorial series teaches you how to build a clone of the Intercom support chat. In this chapter of the series, you'll learn how to implement serverless functions to connect the app with the Slack API.

Open Source

Open Sauced: Keep track of OSS Repositories

Brian Douglas helps you keep track of OSS repositories with his tool Open Sauced. The app is written using Graphcool and Apollo. A great project if you want to get an overview on a simple GraphQL setup.

Partial Support for Subscriptions in graphql-js

graphql-js now comes with built-in subscription support. Though it's labelled as not yet ready for production use, it's a great step towards making subscriptions available for everyone. If you want to learn about how you can use subscriptions in a React app with Apollo, check out this tutorial.