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Articles & Videos

Freecom Tutorial: Controlling Data Access with Authentication & Permissions

This part of the Freecom Tutorial series deals with securing your app with advanced permissions. By following along the video, you learn how to easily setup a secure authentication and authorization setup for your React app. This is an important part of every app so make sure to check it out!

Tutorial: Speeding up GraphQL Mutations with optimistic UI

Follow this amazing in-depth tutorial by @helferjs to understand how optimistic UI works with Apollo Client. The unfortunate reality about HTTP requests is the latency and even using GraphQL can't prevent that - but using optimistic UI, you can hide it from your users!

Introducing Yelp's Local Graph

Yet another company that introduces a GraphQL API for external consumption - Yelp is kicking off their developer beta program with nothing other than GraphQL! The usage guide and intro to GraphQL is also super helpful. It's awesome to have another passenger on the GraphQL train, everyone say hi to Yelp!

Open Source


GraphQL is great to get exactly what you want. Lodash lets you shape data the way you want. What would we get if we combined the two? Well, graphql-lodash, obviously! This is yet another awesome tool by our favorite @APIs_gurus. It will be very interesting to see how this ties into client-side caching, so if you deem yourself a guru, contribute to this cool project!



It's incredible how quickly the GraphQL community is evolving. With GraphQL Europe just around the corner, we're super excited. Awesome speakers, awesome people and an awesome weekend! As a THANK YOU to this amazing community, tickets are now available with a 20% discount. Click this link to get yours!