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HackJam - GraphQL with React vs. Angular (Amsterdam)

This is a fun event for people based in Amsterdam! booking.com is hosting a new format for programmers that want to learn about GraphQL. Instead of building up a greenfield project, the attendees will be given a broken app and will have to fix it by implementing GraphQL queries, mutations and writing a schema.

How to Win the React Riot Online Hackathon

The 48 hour online hackathon React Riot takes place in 2 weeks! If you haven't already, find a team and register - it'll be lots of fun! This post has 3 tips for you to increase your chances of winning. Plus it introduces the perfect hackathon tech stack (spoiler: it uses GraphQL 😎) !

Articles & Tutorials

How we got 1,500 GitHub stars by mixing time-tested technology with a fresh UI

The APIs Gurus with a write-up about their project GraphQL Voyager. An interesting backstory and lessons learned about creating a popular GitHub repository.

Reducing our Redux code with React Apollo

If you have developer friends that are still using REST APIs and are working with Redux, go and show them this article. A fantastic guest post on the Apollo blog by Peggy Rayzis about the productivity boosts they got from switching to GraphQL & Apollo.

Creating Query Components with Apollo | Khan Academy

The engineers at Khan Academy came up with an interesting architectural idea when using React and Apollo on the frontend: Query Components. A Query Component encapsulates the query and Apollo glue logic into one component. Read more about it on their blog!