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The next step for realtime data in GraphQL

A great post by @stubailo that gives a lot of background information for the RFC about GraphQL subscriptions. Additionally, interesting questions are raised, such as how unsubscribing or errors should be handled in the specification. Discussing these questions helps moving the community forward on this exciting feature. If you have an interest in GraphQL subscriptions, join the discussion!

How to use GraphQL in your iOS app

This article introduces the latest tutorial on Learn Apollo, the easiest way to get started with GraphQL and Apollo. Follow along the iOS guide created by @nikolasburk to build a fully-fledged Pokedex app and learn about the benefits when using Apollo Client in the process. Given that GraphQL was initially designed to accommodate the needs of mobile clients, we're happy to see GraphQL finally reaching the mobile world!

Open Source


Since the recent release of Exponent SDK 14, OAuth workflows are supported by Exponent. This awesome Instagram clone uses @getexponent and @graphcool together with Auth0 for authentication and shows how easy it is to get started writing great applications when combining these tools. Amazing!

[RFC] GraphQL Subscriptions

Ever since GraphQL subscriptions have been mentioned 2 years ago, it has been the hot topic in the GraphQL community. This working draft introduces subscriptions in the GraphQL spec and should give a clearer view of what GraphQL subscriptions actually are. Nothing is set into stone though and if you have a suggestions or question regarding subscriptions, now is the time to add your voice!


Modern Web Development with GraphQL

Great slides about GraphQL and Python by @dukebody. After giving an overview of GraphQL, Israel shows how to use Graphene to create GraphQL servers. Getting started with GraphQL can be as easy as that!