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All your queries answered: GraphQL

A comprehensive look at GraphQL and how it is being taken up by businesses and developers to decouple backend and frontend, speed up mobile development, and create more powerful data-driven applications. A great effort has been made with this project and it contains a lot of insights and resources. Hats off to @mgboydcom!

AMA with Jonas Helfer from Apollo & Johannes Schickling from Graphcool

Watch the AMA session with Apollo's Jonas Helfer and Graphcool's Johannes Schickling as they chat about everything GraphQL @CinemaJS in Barcelona. Learn more about the history of Apollo Client and its caching system and future plans.

Why GraphQL Is The Real MVP

This article by @Charles_Mangwa shows how easy it is to get started with GraphQL and React Native. Reduce the number of network requests without impacting user experience. And all of that is possible in three simple steps. We love it!

Open Source


With graphql-voyager you can visually explore your GraphQL API as an interactive graph. This is a great tool when designing or discussing your data model. It includes multiple example GraphQL schemas and also allows you to connect it to your own GraphQL endpoint. What are you waiting for, explore your API!

Server-side rendered app with Next.js and Apollo

This example presents a simple server-side rendered application backed by GraphCMS using Next.js and Apollo, highlighting features of Apollo like caching, prefetching and optimistic UI as well as the power of server-side rendering (SSR) using Next.js.