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Algolia Auto-Sync for GraphQL backends

This tutorials shows how you can add fast search experiences to your applications with GraphQL using the Graphcool integration for Algolia. Data changes in the backend are automatically synced to your search indices and GraphQL queries can be used to define the index structure. We especially love the interactive example featuring Craft Beers. Cheers!

GraphQL: The Mental Model

@dhaivatsays with a great talk about the mental model behind GraphQL and gives illustrated examples that make it easy to reason about graphs. The further insights into the Apollo caching mechanisms are highly recommended as well!

Persisted GraphQL Queries with Apollo Client

With the new persistgraphql library it's now possible to use persisted GraphQL queries with Apollo Client! Persisted GraphQL queries allow you to restrict the available queries as well as reduce the needed bandwith. Read the article to get a behind the scene perspective on this great feature!


GraphQL nested mutations with Apollo: small fatigue, max gain

@sunrising shows how easy it is to create even deeply nested data using nested mutations. While running the mutation in GraphiQL with fixed values is straight-forward, it can get tricky nailing all that has to be done regarding GraphQL variables when using Apollo Client. But in the end, all went good and the party could begin!

Open Source


Yet another todo list example in React... but this time it comes with GraphQL subscriptions included! GraphQL subscriptions can be used to get notified of certain events in your apps to always stay in sync with data changes in realtime. Great way example to get started with GraphQL subscriptions or even Apollo Client in general.