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Articles & Videos

GraphQL Heroes: Martijn Walraven

In this episode of the GraphQL Heroes series, we've talked to the wonderful Martijn Walraven. Read how he first got in contact with GraphQL and what benefits are most important to him. Thanks to Martijn for sharing his thoughts with us! If you have a GraphQL Hero and want to get them to know better, tweet us @graphqlweekly and ask away!

GraphQL Europe - Call For Papers

The call for papers for Europe's first GraphQL conference is now published. Especially first time speakers are encouraged to submit a talk and share their GraphQL experience. We're thrilled to see that the amazing @leeb and @stubailo are already confirmed to attend as speakers. Take your chance and join them!

Open Source

Apollo Client 0.8

Read the story behind Apollo Client's latest release as told by @helferjs. Apollo set out to become even better by reducing the bundle size, added support for code splitting and many more improvements. Together with the recently release Apollo Client DevTools developing applications with GraphQL is a true joy. Great job, we can't wait for further releases!


The guys from Facebook just released this neat GraphQL language service. It provides an interface for building GraphQL language services to support diagnostics, autocompletion and more features across IDEs such as Visual Code, Webstorm or Atom using RPC messages.