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Articles & Videos

GraphQL :: A data query language

A neat introduction for GraphQL and Relay stressing the strengths of GraphQL over REST. We especially like the conclusion: If you want to explore GraphQL more, get your hands dirty with this. That's the spirit!

Improving Performance with Apollo Query Batching

This is a great article that shows how to add transport-level Query Batching for Apollo Client in a few simple steps to significantly improve performance of complex applications. Additionally, you can use Query Deduplication to remove duplicates in batched queries. If you use Apollo Client already, then you should follow along the article to benefit as well!

Open Source


The updated version of the GraphQL reference implementation for Javascript comes with a bunch of new smaller and bigger features - notably, flow types version 0.38 is now supported. The graphql-relay-js package has also been updated to the latest GraphQL version.


A great example showcasing how to combine Next and Apollo to get the best out of two worlds. Deployed with now and built with @graphcool, this example definitely brings all the hype together. Great work by @adamSoffer!


Save the Date: Apollo Contributor Week

Be ready for the Apollo Contributor Week this February! Hack together with Apollo's core contributors, contribute to awesome open source projects and level up your open source karma in general - everyone who likes to join is invited!