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Webpack’ing your GraphQL Documents

Co-locating queries with the React component that need them is working great. However, sometimes you want to have a clearer separation between queries and components. That's where this new Webpack loader is incredibly useful. Now you can simply manage your queries in .graphql files and let Webpack handle all the rest. Also, we're already excited about the follow-up post on persisted queries!

GraphQL Consoles in Action

An interesting case study for different uses of the famous GraphiQL tool from @nordicapis. On the one hand, this article shows the already wide-spread adoption of GraphQL. On the other hand it gives great tips to improve different aspects when using GraphQL APIs. To advance the adoption of GraphQL even further, more tutorials and resources are necessary.

Designing powerful GraphQL APIs

The guys from @graphcool share their insights on how to best leverage GraphQL query arguments to give as much control to the client as possible. Their API lets you express exact filter conditions, define a sort order on the data or manage it in equally sized pages. In combination, this creates a powerful query system aligning well with the GraphQL paradigm of declarative data fetching.

Open Source

Let's make a GraphQL client in Elm!

Create a GraphQL client in Elm together with @_alpacaaa and learn about the anatomy of a GraphQL query and decoding query responses with elm-decode-pipeline. Great tutorial for GraphQL beginners and pros alike!

Sangria 1.0

After being one and a half years in development, the Scala GraphQL implementation Sangria finally hits version 1. Features like deferred value resolution, middlewares or stream-based subscriptions make Sangria a great choice for building GraphQL backends. What a tremendous job by @easyangel!