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Authentication With GraphQL and Auth0

People are still figuring out how authentication and authorization works with GraphQL. In this article, Auth0 JWTs are combined with permission rules on the GraphQL server to tackle this issue. Out-of-the-box authentication? Awesome! Where can I sign up?

My way from REST to GraphQL

@stschindler describes his journey from REST to GraphQL and explains the issues he faced with mutations. A great starting point for a broader conversation about the transition from REST to GraphQL. Read his article and join the discussion!

Open Source

The future of Angular client-server communication with GraphQL

Angular experts @UriGoldshtein and @kamilkisiela discuss the strengths of GraphQL such as quick iterations and type safety based on TypeScript 2. A good watch on the Apollo Angular integration


GraphQL San Francisco

If you're in the SF area, join the Practical GraphQL Meetup next week in the Meteor HQ to learn about schema design from @swedishgoose. Also look out for two more talks on GraphQL APIs for content based sites and the Apollo Client DevTools. Dinner, drinks, great people –– join them!!