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GraphQL and DDD: the Missing Link

A great piece by @robzhu on the power as well as the shortcomings of GraphQL as a domain modeling language. Compared to REST, GraphQL is more expressive when trying to capture relationships between entities while technologies like SOAP or XML are overly complex. It will be great to see what learnings the DDD community will make with GraphQL and this article helps with that. Awesome!

Give it a REST: use GraphQL for your APIs!

David Celis had the chance to work with GraphQL at GitHub and shares his insights in this article. After mentioning some of the shortcomings of REST, he shows how GraphQL offers a great solution to problems like too many HTTP requests and API versioning. This article is a great way for getting started with GraphQL!


GraphQL Training in San Francisco

If you're based in the SF area and still need a New Year's resolution - this hands-on workshop is for you! Learn all the essentials for building real world applications with GraphQL from the instructors @rdickert and @pauldowman. If you sign up in the coming week, you'll get a 30% discount. 2017, here we go!

Open Source

PostGraphQL: PostgreSQL meets GraphQL

PostGraphQL offers a GraphQL wrapper for PostgreSQL databases to quickly get started writing GraphQL queries for relationships, tables, types, and functions. The developer experience that comes with GraphQL is amazing and by following this article you can profit from that when working with PostgreSQL. We love it!

Word documents, The Relay Way™

This article show cases docx-templates. The npm package applies the GraphQL paradigm for creating templates in Microsoft Word. The templating language allows you to include queries as part of the template, as well as loops and custom JavaScript code creating a powerful tool. We admire this creative use of GraphQL!