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The Future of API Development with GraphQL

Read how Differential could use GraphQL as an incredible tool for rapid and effective application development. Their experiences highlight the benefits of GraphQL's elegant solution to fetch nested data, compared to traditional approaches like REST. We agree with the title - GraphQL is truely the future of API development.

Open Source Lightning Talk: Join Monster

Watch how Andrew of Stem presents Join Monster, a JavaScript execution layer from GraphQL to SQL. Using Join Monster you can batch data-fetching between the API and the database by dynamically translating GraphQL to SQL for efficient data retrieval, all in a single batch before resolution. It comes with support for many-to-many releations, offset- or cursor-based pagination and works nicely with graphql-relay.

Try Out GraphQL

Try out GraphQL with @graphcool and @Netlify. While Graphcool provides you with a flexible backend combining GraphQL+ AWS Lambda, Netlify allows you to deploy and automate modern web projects with the click of a button. If you want to get started with GraphQL, follow the video guide to build an Instagram clone with React and Relay and deploy it to Netlify. This is a whole new developer experience, and we love it!

Open Source


juniper is the GraphQL server library for Rust. While it does not support the GraphQL schema language, juniper supports the full GraphQL query language including introspection and validation. It integrates nicely with the Iron framework and other web servers. Even though the API might get some breaking changes in the future, the roadmap to version 1 is almost reached. We are happy that with juniper, Rust developers can start benefitting from GraphQL as well.


Thank you!

In this final issue of year 2016 we wanted to say thank you! Thank you for all the amazing projects, meetups and articles that you make, enriching the GraphQL community. We are certain that next year will be even more exciting and are already looking forward for 2017. GraphQL Weekly will take a break of one week and will be back in 2017 with the latest awesomeness of the GraphQL community.