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Faster modern apps with Angular and GraphQL

Watch Google's @jeffbcross and Meteor's @UriGoldshtein talk about building faster apps with Angular and GraphQL. While Jeff motivates problems like bad performanc or high coupling, Uri talks about solutions like component based API and one request per render that are possible with GraphQL.

GraphQL Heroes: Oleg Ilyenko

In the first episode of our new format GraphQL Heroes, we’re inviting Oleg Ilyenko to talk about Sangria, the GraphQL implementation for Scala. We hope you enjoy the interview! Who is your GraphQL Hero? Tweet us @graphqlweekly so we can invite them in one of the coming episodes.

Open Source


GraphQL IDE is a stand-alone desktop application for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. Other than GraphiQL workspace, it cannot be rendered in the browser, but it nevertheless has comparable features. We especially like that you can organize different projects in the app. All in all you should try both GraphiQL workspace and GraphQL IDE and see what works best for you.


This week's open source segment is all about GraphiQL. GraphiQL Workspace adds additional features like multiple tabs, arbitrary endpoints and headers to the GraphQL tool that everyone knows and loves. As with GraphiQL, you can include GraphiQL Workspace as a component in your React application, resulting in a very versatile tool for different situations.


Explaining Relay and GraphQL with a Thanksgiving diner

We found this cute story by Vincent that explains React, GraphQL and React with a Thankgiving analogy. We want to take the opportunity to thank all GraphQL Heroes in our community that contribute to articles, open source projects, meet ups, and more!