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An enhanced GraphQL developer experience with TypeScript

@r_ricard shows how using GraphQL increases the developer experience by leveraging type information obtained from the schema. The schema is parsed and its types can be added to a TypeScript project. Additionally, GraphQL documents can be linted against the schema. All in all, it's amazing how simple but powerful GraphQL tools can be!

GraphQL at Shopify

@__xuorig__ and @dylanahsmith explain what problems they've hit while using GraphQL and the solutions they've developed. This includes their schema definition layer on top of the GraphQL Ruby gem or their approach when designing their GraphQL API.

Open Source


A wonderful collection of public graphql-apis. Notable examples include a schema for public transportation data of Helsinki, Finland and a schema for locations of Tesla superchargers. The repository also links unofficial API proxies, such as for Hacker News or Twitter. If you know of another cool API, why don't you create a PR?


This is a great command-line tool to generate GraphQL servers. It helps you to generate things like mutations, types and connections but can also create a GraphQL server from a mongoose schema. To read more about this tool, check the blog post.


GraphQL Buenos Aires

Great to see the first GraphQL meetup in Buenos Aires next week! Learn how to integrate GraphQL in your application by using Relay. If you are interested, be sure to quickly grab a spot as only two tickets are left!