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Articles & Videos

Amazing React Native apps with Apollo React

@michal_chudziak shows how to use Apollo Client in a React Native app. After explaining how to use apollo-client and apollo-react he is highlighting some of the advanced options for queries and mutations. To paraphrase his conclusion, he can create very simple and readable next-level applications using GraphQL. Now that's a positive conclusion if we ever heard one!

Best Practices for GraphQL Clients

In his talk at the GraphQL Summit, @en_JS shares best practices for GraphQL clients that he and his team developed during the last few years at Facebook. Definitely watch this if you want to get valuable insights into some of the more advanced concepts behind Relay and other GraphQL clients.

User authentication in GraphQL with Auth0 & Digits

How to handle authentication in GraphQL is one of the most discussed topics in the community. In this article, @graphcool describes how you can add user authentication to your application with @auth0 and @digits. Have a look at one of the included code examples or follow along the video tutorial. Simply amazing!

Open Source


This library provides a GraphQL schema for the Spotify Web API and is built in TypeScript. With more and more companies following GitHubs precedent, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Spotify to migrate to GraphQL as well. But with this great library it doesn't really matter, because we can query the Spotify Web API with GraphQL already today!


ReactJS Boston: Hands-on GraphQL Coding

The next ReactJS Boston meetup in december is all about getting your hands dirty with GraphQL! Join @rbzhu and @laneykuenzel in their hands-on live coding session and learn how GraphQL solves the problems of under-/overfetching and complex client-side logic when using REST APIs.