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How to Wrap a REST API in GraphQL

Wrapping a REST API with GraphQL is one of the most frequent issues GraphQL adopters are facing. @sandovaleffect is offering a few approaches in this article. You have to decide on a project basis to find the middleground between adding a thin GraphQL layer on top of your REST API or doing a complete GraphQL API from scratch. A smoother transition on a feature basis is also possible, something GitHub has done for their GraphQL API.

Coursera's API Evolution

A really inspiring talk by @bsaeta about Coursera's journey to GraphQL. Listen to the problems they were facing while scaling that lead to the development of Naptime, a tool that offers to set up flexible APIs. The learnings that Coursera made with Naptime fit in very well together with GraphQL which explains their decision to fully commit on GraphQL and migrate nearly all their client data access over to a GraphQL API by the end of 2017. Exciting times!

Open Source


Work on graphdoc has already started a few months ago, but we just had to feature this project when we heard about it recently. Everyone has come to love GraphiQL and its amazing Docs feature. graphdocs works similar but presents information in a more accessible way by generating a static website. Check the example for the GitHub API for a first impression. Tools like these are why we love GraphQL so much!

Importing data via a GraphQL endpoint

In this article, @thedgbrt shows how you can use his npm script to import a lot of data without direct access to the underlying database. An approach like this can be super handy if you want to migrate your data and expose it via a GraphQL endpoint. The article explains this use case for hosted backend solutions such as @graphcool or @reindexio. We love the Pokemon theme of the example. Gotta catch 'em all!


Portland GraphQL Meetup

Yet another GraphQL meetup falling into place, this time in Portland. @griffith_joel will talk about usage of GraphQL at AppNexus and shares a few gotchas as well. Do you organize a GraphQL workshop, meetup or similar? Tweet us about it to be featured in one of the coming issues!