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Articles & Videos

The amazing GraphQL

This week is all about meetups! If you've missed @gerardsans at the recent React London, here's your chance to catch up on his talk about the amazing GraphQL. The slides have everything a good presentation about GraphQL needs, including dancing robots, so be sure to check them out.

Bringing GraphQL to iOS

Watch @martijnwalraven's presentation at the recent Berlin GraphQL meetup to find out what makes iOS developers' hearts beat faster! Ok, maybe we exaggerated a bit there, but the developer experience the Xcode integration of the apollo-ios package provides is simply wonderful.

Open Source


A handy CLI tool that helps to format all kinds of different GraphQL documents. Also check out other GraphQL related packages by the author in his GitHub repository. Super neat!


This package is a great wrapper for the GraphQL client lokka. It enables you to work with a local GraphQL schema without using the network which can be useful for development and production environments.


GraphQL Melbourne

Join the very first GraphQL meet up in Melbourne next thursday and learn how to get super powers! Speakers include Canoniq's @joshprice, Buildkite's @keithpitt and Meteor's @tmeasday. Snacks and drinks are included and there are also rumours about a lot of free stickers. Sounds awesome, don't miss it if you're around!