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Practical GraphQL for Android

Facebook's @kevinrschultz talks about the different steps needed to use GraphQL in an Android application today. With the lack of GraphQL open source libraries for java, it's great to see Facebook engaging the Android community with insightful talks like this. Keep it coming!

Lessons from 4 Years of GraphQL

Watch this amazing talk of @leeb at the recent GraphQL Summit. Apart from his plan of reaching world domination, Lee shares best practices on API design building on the experience he gained in the past years when working on GraphQL. This includes valuable lessons like focusing on solving a real problem or the importance of the right timing.

Open Source


Graphiti is the framework used in GraphQL Swift, the GraphQL implementation for Swift. It can be used for building GraphQL schemas and types in a fast and safe way. The built schema is then used to execute incoming queries and resolve them against your actual data.

Apollo Client 0.5

With this update to version 0.5, the Apollo Client is announced to be production ready. New features include subscriptions, fully static queries and a better integration of GraphQL fragments. Besides the breaking changes to query batching, the update comes with improvements for stability and performance as well as an easier to use API.


GraphQL Meetup Berlin

With only 5 out of 100 spots left, next week's GraphQL Meetup in Berlin promises to be a great event. Make sure to grab one of the last remaining tickets to hear what's new in the Berlin GraphQL world and listen to @martijnwalraven and @kamilkisiela speaking about GraphQL on iOS and Angular with the Apollo Client.