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Building an Ecommerce GraphQL API: Our Journey

Similar to the previous link, Oleg Ilyenko (author of Sangria) recaps the journey of his company moving to GraphQL for their core API. He touches on concepts like over-/under-fetching of data, API discovery and how GraphQL enables a smooth evolution of the API.

Choosing GraphQL to build Drift’s messaging platform

Elias Torres (CTO of Drift) shows how Drift adopted GraphQL in order to power a large number of their SPAs moving away from REST APIs. This article is an excellent demonstration of how powerful it is to specify multiple data dependencies into a single query.

Learn Relay with Pokemons

Getting started with Relay, the GraphQL client, is pretty difficult based purely on its reference documentation, which is fairly technical and server centric. Learn Relay changes that with a comprehensive yet easy and fun introduction to Relay. If you haven't tried Relay yet, this is the way to go!

Open Source


Versioning GraphQL APIs is still a fairly unexplored territory. This Javascript library automatically derives a SemVer-style version number based on the changes of your schema. This clever idea could possibly find its way into bigger frameworks and systems.


Free Relay workshop in London (Oct 22)

The workshop organisers behind "DevMeetings" are hosting a free full-day workshop on Relay and GraphQL in London. It will cover all the concepts behind Relay and teach you a good workflow when building applications with the popular GraphQL client.

Community discount on GraphQL Summit 2016

Join 200+ developers at GraphQL Summit on October 26th in San Francisco to learn about GraphQL best practices and implementations from leaders at Facebook, Github, Shopify and more. Register with the code GRAPHQLWEEKLY for 15% off.