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A Look at Serverless GraphQL

Recently, there's been a lot of buzz around both GraphQL and serverless. After introducing GraphQL, Jared Short shares the experience he had combining GraphQL with the Serverless Framework for Trek10 and mentions benefits such as easier monitoring and versioning and increased safety through function run isolation.

Declarative Data Fetching with GraphQL

This article gives you a broad overview for getting GraphQL up and running and outlines some of the benefits of GraphQL over REST. As a bonus, filtering and pagination are explored with supporting examples. Features exposed in queries like these really stress the flexibility of GraphQL. Tweet us what other advanced query features you use @graphqlweekly!

Open Source


This repository contains a collection of tools for dealing with GraphQL fragments. It allows you to build recursive fragments with the gql tag and to filter or check data based on a given fragment. This makes working with fragments easier and more accessible.


Migrating a REST API to GraphQL is one of the biggest pains when adopting GraphQL. Swagger2graphQL is here to solve this issue by wrapping your existing Swagger schema to GraphQL types with very low effort. Read this interesting article to find out more about the author's motivation for developing this library.


API Driven Development with GraphQL

The next Seattle Node.js meetup features Travis Webb speaking about API Driven Development with GraphQL. In his own words his goal is to leave you inspired to try out your own GraphQL experiments. If you're based in the Seattle area give it a try and join the meetup next week.