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Articles & Videos

GraphQL: an opportunity for cross-vendor APIs

This article contains some really interesting thoughts on how GraphQL could be the foundation for a better way of integrating different services. The new GraphQL API of Github is a perfect example of that.

Improving DX with nested mutations

Querying nested data structures has become almost trivial with GraphQL whereas creating nested data is often still tricky. Graphcool now introduced nested mutations to create related nodes in a single mutation.

Why I believe GraphQL will come to replace REST

REST APIs have been the state of the art for many years now. Martijn Walraven (author of apollo-ios) gives an excellent overview why he thinks that GraphQL will replace REST. He especially highlights one of GraphQL's superpowers: Types.

Open Source

Drupal 8 adds support for GraphQL

Content management systems have learned their lessons and evolved a lot over the last few months morphing into "headless" backends. Drupal 8 now added support for GraphQL which makes it an interesting choice to build static sites powered by GraphQL.


GraphQL Summit 2016 | San Francisco

Another milestone for GraphQL: Apollo hosts the first one-day conference of GraphQL and invited speakers from Facebook, Spotify, Github and many other companies. The early bird tickets are already sold out.