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Articles & Videos

Use Apollo in your VueJS app

An interesting article from @akryum about his Apollo integration for VueJS. With this integration, fetching data with queries or updating data with mutations in VueJS is really easy! If you want more after reading the article, you should go see the hello world example or read the more detailed instructions in the documentation linked at the end of the article.

GraphQL: The Missing Link Between Frontend and Backend Devs

A great presentation by @stubailo at @DataLayerConf introducing how you can use GraphQL to manage data at your organization and what advantages you can expect. Amongst them is increased developer experience which is one of the more subtle benefits of GraphQL, so it's awesome to see more material on this important topic. Happy developers lead to better software which increases customer satisfaction. Win-win!

Implementing and Using GraphQL at GitHub

Watch @dlschafer from Facebook present the core concepts of GraphQL while @kdaigle from GitHub speaks of the pains GitHub had with their REST API. By switching over to GraphQL they could solve these problems as well as offer a lot more options to work with, like interactive exploration of queries and mutations of the GitHub GraphQL API. Go check it out yourself!

Open Source


This promising project introduces an additional layer between GraphQL and SQL queries for efficient data retrieval. Based on a user defined mapping between GraphQL types and SQL tables, each incoming GraphQL query is dynamically translated to SQL queries to optimize the round-trips between the API and the database. The roadmap teases many more interesting features like Relay pagination support or aggregate functions, so go and grab that PR!

Graphene 1.0 - Production Ready!

With GraphQL going production ready, it's great to see others following this trend: Graphene, which has become synonymous with GraphQL for Python, goes 1.0 and comes with a shiny new API, speed improvements and a beautiful new website on top of it! Big kudos to @syrusakbary for giving a lot of love to this awesome project.