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GraphQL: Designing a Data Language

While the first part of @leeb's talk at the recent @strangeloop conference gives a tour over GraphQL's features, in the second part Lee goes over the problems the Facebook team had to deal with that eventually led to the design of GraphQL. Learn from their lessons and listen to anecdotes along the way - all in all a highly recommended video, whether you want to strengthen your understanding of GraphQL or want to apply the learnings to the design of your own project.

Choosing a GraphQL Client: Apollo vs. Relay

If you have problems choosing the right GraphQL client for your web apps - you are not alone! Take this neat comparison of Apollo and Relay by Rachel Lee as a starting point for your decision process. Both tools are best suited for different kinds of situations but whichever you end up choosing: we highly sympathize with the author's conclusion that both technologies have great communities, so either way you can't go wrong by choosing one of them.

Bringing Apollo Client to iOS

Even though GraphQL evolved out of special requirements on iOS, GraphQL clients were mostly available to the Javascript world so far - Apollo iOS is here to change that! It employs strongly typed query results to make working with GraphQL easier when using the typed Swift language. This is already a huge advancement in itself but with plans to transform their knowledge from iOS to Android, Apollo could very well become the go-to solution when in need of a mobile GraphQL client.

Open Source


GraphQL has found its way to Vue! With this library you can integrate the Apollo Client in your Vue-based project. Amongst the typical features like simple query and mutation support, reactive queries offer a special way to let Vue interact with the GraphQL layer: they make query parameters reactive with Vue properties.


The Why Behind The Github GraphQL API

The @apievangelist continues his exploration of GraphQL praising @github for their recent blog post where they went over their reasons to expose a GraphQL API. The GraphQL community can learn a lot by listening to external voices and opinions so it's great to see the author put so much energy in this. We share the sentiment that hopefully more API providers will talk about their reasoning behind embracing or rejecting GraphQL in the future.