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The most powerful GraphQL Client for the web in just 2kb

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a constant evolution of GraphQL tooling. Developers try to get the maximum out of the constraints they've set for themselves. WunderGraph breaks with these rules to make room for something new. This post describes how the next generation of GraphQL clients change the way we can think about GraphQL as a technology.

GraphQL requests made easy with React Query and TypeScript

Given on a GraphQL schema, we can automatically create TypeScript types for the entire API on the frontend. What’s more is we can easily autogenerate fully-typed custom React hooks for a data-fetching library like React Query. In this article, Iva Kop shows how to set up a GraphQL project with TypeScript and React Query and demonstrates how to autogenerate types.

Stored Procedures, ORMs, and GraphQL

In this article, Steve Smith provides the background and history of ORMs and stored procedures and makes the case that GraphQL is really a new kind of ORM. He goes into detail about thick/smart clients, how APIs serve as stored procedures, and more.

Demystifying GraphQL Queries

In this tutorial, Jaden Baptista provides an overview of what GraphQL is and how it compares to REST. Jaden goes into detail about types, queries, and more to show how GraphQL isn't magic once it's understood. Follow along with Jaden to learn more about GraphQL from the ground up.

5 Headless CMS That You Can You Use To Distribute Content Freely

Lahaul Seth has put together a list of five headless content management systems that can be used for free. GraphQL can be used with many of those listed, including Strapi, Graph CMS, and Sanity. Check out the list for more information on these great free options and choose one for your next project.


Swift Community #6 GraphQL (with Ellen Shapiro)

Swift Community is video interview series by Vincent Pradeilles that looks at interesting technologies in the Swift ecosystem. Ellen Shapiro from Apollo was recently interviewed to talk about GraphQL and how it can be used in Swift. Check out the video to learn more from Ellen on how to use GraphQL in a Swift application.