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Announcing the Neo4j GraphQL Library: Build Low-Code GraphQL APIs Faster

Neo4j has just announced the general availability of the Neo4j GraphQL Library. The library is extensible, low-code, and open source and is designed for building API-driven, intelligent applications faster by tapping into the power of connected data. Read the announcement article to learn more about Neo4j and how to use it in GraphQL with their Neo4j GraphQL Library.

Supercharging file-based content with GraphQL

Tina GraphQL gateway brings reliability to Git-based content management. It acts as an essential piece to provide robust structured content while allowing for portability. In this article, Jeff See demonstrates how to create a blog with Next.js and GraphQL using Tina GraphQL gateway. Follow along to find out more about how you can use your filesystem as a CMS with confidence.

I built a chat app using React and GraphQL

In this tutorial, Abdou Ouahib shows how to build a realtime chat application using React and GraphQL. The front end technologies used include Redux, MaterialUI, and Apollo Client. On the backend, Abdou uses Node, Apollo Server, TypeGraphQL, and PostgreSQL. The app features include user authentication, profiles, friends, notifications, and more.

Graphql Exploitation - Part 2- Unauthorized Execution Of Queries

Like all APIs, those built with GraphQL are not immune to potential exploitation. GraphQL also has some unique features that open up attack vectors that must be considered for any real world app. In this follow-up article, Manmeet shows how unauthorized queries can be executed in GraphQL and how this and other vulnerabilities might be exploited. Follow along with Manmeet to learn more about how you can secure your GraphQL API.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus Example

This example repo by Daniel Norman serves as a demonstration of how to build a GraphQL server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus. The demo app shows how to build a robust, real-world GraphQL API and can be deployed to Railway easily. Follow along with Daniel to learn more about these great technologies.


graphql-go-tools is a library by Jens Neuse that includes an alternative to Apollo Federation Gateway. The library implements the Apollo Federation spec and also supports subscriptions. Check out the repo overview to find out if it might be a good fit for your projects.