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TypeScript with GraphQL done right

Advanced types give your code and open-source libraries the power of providing an API that manipulates data (your application objects) without breaking the “types chain”. In this article, Charly Poly discusses how to get the most out of your React application types with GraphQL code generation and demonstrates how to reason about and make use of advanced types. Follow along with Charly to learn more about TypeScript, React, GraphQL, and how they all fit together.

Dgraph v21.03: Resilient Rocket Release

Dgraph has just announced version 21.03, its first release of 2021. The latest update to Dgraph's native GraphQL graph database includes Apollo federation, upsert mutations, lambda webhooks, and more. Check out the launch announcements to learn more about Dgraph's latest features and how you can use them today.

Nhost is an open source Firebase rival backed by GitHub’s founders

Nhost is an open source backend-as-a-service that serves as an alternative to Firebase and includes a real-time GraphQL API. The company has just announced a $3m round of funding led by Nauta Capital. The company is also backed by angel investors, including GitHub founders Scott Chacon and Tom Preston-Werner. Read more about Nhost's fundraising and how they intend to use it to expedite building out their product.

Connect Amplify DataStore with existing SQL datasources; adding offline and sync features in your application

Amplify DataStore is a library that provides a programming model for leveraging shared and distributed data without writing additional code for offline and online scenarios. With the Amplify CLI, you can easily set up a new application that leverages AWS AppSync and sets up Amazon DynamoDB to power your DataStore application. In this article, Rene Brandel and Brice Pelle show how to use Amplify Datastore, including how to prepare the database, how to configure the backend with the Amplify CLI, and more. Follow along to learn more about AWS Amplify.


Hasura Con '21: The Big Hasura User Conference

The 2021 installment of Hasura Con will take place on June 23rd and 24th. The event brings together users from all over the world to celebrate all things Hasura and will feature top-notch speakers and workshops. Sign up today to attend Hasura Con '21 or submit a talk proposal to share your knowledge at the event.

Tools & Open Source

Tina Cloud - A Headless CMS Backed by Git

TinaCMS is an open-source, visual editor for React-based websites and applications. The makers of TinaCMS have just announced Tina Cloud, a headless GraphQL API with git integration. The product will be released in the coming weeks. Read up on the feature set in the announcement post.

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