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Releasing The GraphQL Guide

John Resig and Loren Sands-Ramshaw have just released <em>The GraphQL Guide</em>, a complete reference text for GraphQL. The guide is 886 pages and covers topics such as HTTP, testing, authentication, the GraphQL spec, client libraries, and much more. The authors have provided a 20% launch discount which is valid until April 25. Check out The GraphQL Guide to level up your GraphQL knowledge today.

HTTP caching in GraphQL

GraphQL doesn't come with any built-in support for server-side caching, an issue which often trips up GraphQL server developers. Although not officially supported, there are ways to accomplish HTTP caching with GraphQL. In this article, Leonardo Losoviz goes into detail about how to achieve server-side caching with GraphQL. He talks about accessing GraphQL via GET requests, using persisted queries, and more. Follow along with Leonardo to learn more about how to make your GraphQL servers more performant through caching.

GraphQL Tutorial for Server-Side Swift with Vapor: Getting Started

In this tutorial, Max Desiatov covers how to get started with GraphQL and Server-Side Swift using a concrete API as an example. Max shows how to build a TV show listing API from top to bottom and covers many details of GraphQL along the way, including how GraphQL differs from REST, how to declare model types, fields, queries, and mutations, and more. Follow along with Max to learn more about how to use GraphQL in a Swift app.

Tools & Open Source

CDK Serverless

CDK Serverless is a tool suite created by Thorsten Hoeger which facilitate the use of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in serverless architectures. It provides project management features to configure your TypeScript CDK app and also higher-level (L3) constructs for different APIs and resources needed for serverless applications. Additionally, it leverages utility libraries to write Lambda functions and do live updates to Lambda function code during development.

GraphQL API Security best practices with AWS AppSync and Amplify

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service which allows developers to deploy and interact with serverless scalable GraphQL backends on AWS. AppSync uses security best practices that AWS has developed operating large systems at scale in the cloud, with built-in DDoS protection in all its GraphQL API endpoints leveraging the infrastructure, technologies, and techniques that AWS uses for many other services. Amplify is a platform and framework used to build secure and scalable applications in the cloud with enhanced development velocity. This repo by Danilo Poccia accompanies a session he gave to dive into AppSync security. It covers AppSync’s security features and describes when and how to use them for your own applications.


Running Serverless Realtime GraphQL Applications with AppSync

Aleksandar Simovic, Slobodan Stojanovic and Gojko Adzic have just announced their forthcoming book on how to build and operate responsive and collaborative apps at scale with AWS AppSync and GraphQL. The book is scheduled for release in Q3 of 2021 and will cover a wide range of topics including working with persisted data, working with web clients, and more. Check out the table of contents and sign up to be notified of its release.

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