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Databases, graphs, and GraphQL: The past, present, and future

GraphQL was never conceived as a query language for databases. Yet, it's increasingly being used for this purpose. This article by George Anadiotis explores how and where GraphQL fits in as a query language for databases, the projects and companies that are using it for that purpose, and what the tradeoffs are. Follow along with George to learn more about GraphQL as a query language for databases.

An Advanced GraphQL with Spring Boot and Netflix DGS

In this article, Piotr Minkowski demonstrates how to use the Netflix DGS library to simplify GraphQL development with Spring Boot. He shows advanced topics related to GraphQL and databases such as filtering or relationship fetching. Follow along with Piotr to learn more about how Netflix DGS and Spring Boot can be used together.

Weaviate is an open-source search engine powered by ML, vectors, graphs, and GraphQL

Weaviate is an API-based vector search engine with a graph data model that allows users to add data objects as graph nodes and (automatically or manually) add (machine learning) vectors to represent the nodes. Weaviate can be used for use cases ranging from similarity search to filtering out redundant information (i.e., deduplication) and from image search to enterprise NLP-based search.


GraphQL Contributor Days - April 2021

GraphQL Contributor Days is a recurring event that serves to provide important updates to the community and act as a forum to provide a voice for anyone using GraphQL to have direct access to core contributors and authors of various libraries and frameworks through live chat and an online broadcast. The April installment of GraphQL Contributor Days will take place on April 13, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT and will feature Sasha Solomon, Ben Awad, Tanmai Gopal, Ryan Chenkie, and many more. Tune in on April 13 to take part.

GraphQL Berlin Meetup #22 + win a Bedrock license!

The April installment of GraphQL Berlin will take place on April 14 at 6:00 PM CET. The meetup is hosted by Prisma and will feature talks from Matheus Cardoso, Phil Plückthun, and Aditya Pratap Singh. Tune in on April 14 to hear talks from these great speakers and enter for a chance to win a Bedrock license.

Tools & Open Source

Announcing the Neo4j GraphQL Library Beta Release

Neo4j has just announced the beta release of their official GraphQL integration, Neo4j GraphQL Library. The company is now dedicated to working on the Neo4j GraphQL Library on a full-time, ongoing basis. The library is built with TypeScript and focuses heavily on type safety. Check out the release post and library to learn more about how you can use the Neo4j GraphQL Library beta release today.

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