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GraphQL vs REST—Can GraphQL replace REST?

While REST has been (and still is) a popular way of exposing data to applications, the growing complexity and evolution of development has made it less viable in a range of scenarios. In this post, Abu Sakib talks about how GraphQL can be a suitable replacement for REST and be a game-changer in the API ecosystem. Follow along with Abu to find out more about how GraphQL can replace REST.

That single GraphQL issue that you keep missing

With the increasing popularity of GraphQL, it's important to think about security vulnerabilities. GraphQL implementations are often affected by CSRF. In this article, Tomasz Swiadek and Andrea Brancaleoni go in-depth on how GraphQL is vulnerable to CSRF attacks and what can be done to solve it. Follow along to find out more about the vulnerabilities that might exist in your GraphQL app and how you can protect them.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Toolbox

GraphQL Toolbox features a collection of 50+ GraphQL resources and tools. The resources are categorized for easy searching and filtering. The site has a clean design and is easy to navigate. Check out GraphQL Toolbox to find tools for your next GraphQL project.

Graphqurl v1.0: curl for GraphQL

Graphqurl is a curl-like CLI for GraphQL that features query autocompletion, subscriptions over websocket, schema export, and more. The tool has just reached version 1.0. The first major release brings a reduced bundle size, an improved GraphiQL experience, and an improved scripting API. Check out the announcement article to learn more about what's new in Graphqurl v1.0.


GraphQL Conf 2021

GraphQL Conf 2021 will take place online on Sept 29. The event is free to attend and will feature talks from a world-class lineup of speakers. Register for the conference today and join the Discord server to find out more.