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GraphQL in native applications at scale

Listen to @alex_langenfeld and @igorcanadi's talk on GraphQL in native clients where benefits like avoiding over- or underfetching are especially important. Learn about obstacles they had to overcome and why they use query-based instead of type-based responses. The last part about caching and consistency gives great insights into this tough problem.

Moving from Redux/GraphQL to Relay

This article provides a good overview of the difference between using Redux and Relay. When should you use Redux over Relay? When should you prefer Relay? As a bonus, @DonTAbrams shares his experience of migrating from REST to GraphQL. Wonderful!

Open Source


The idea of this project is simple: it allows you to run a GraphQL query against any data without the need of a schema. Like this, you can for example query data in your normalized Redux store as if you would query a GraphQL server! graphql-anywhere does not support asynchronous execution yet, so if you want to get your hands dirty, create that PR!


The newest release 0.4.3 of graphql-relay-js brings support for graphql 0.7.0 and some improvements to the schema: clientMutationId is not longer required while the connection arguments first and last need to be non-negative integers now.


GraphQL: The next generation of API design

A reponse to the API evangelist's article critical of GraphQL that tries to clear up a few common misconceptions about GraphQL. The inaccessiblity of GraphQL is one of the biggest struggles the community faces. Healthy dialog is the way to further advance on that matter, so it's great to see just that happening.