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GraphQL Concepts Visualized

Sneak an in-depth look at the application data graph and how it enables the Apollo Client to efficiently cache query results. Reasoning in graphs greatly increases your understanding of the data structure for your app, so you should definitely check this article!

Using DataLoader to batch requests

Learn how to effectively use Facebook's DataLoader to increase your query times! Query batching is a powerful technique to combine multiple data requirements in one query, in contrast to executing one query for every single data item.

Open Source


Subscriptions will be the next big thing for GraphQL. Check this helper library from @edvinerikson to use subscriptions right now in Relay. This is awesome! Can't wait for more news on this.


The latest release 0.7.0 of the GraphQL reference implementation in Javascript just hit the store! It comes with new utility methods, bug fixes and a also some new stuff. If you use it in production, carefully read the changes as two breaking changes are included.


A Hackernews clone with the CMS KeystoneJS built on top of GraphQL. Sweet!