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Integration of Apollo Client with React or Angular 2

Follow this amazing article to see how @gerardsans used Apollo Client and Graphcool with React and Angular 2. In recent weeks, the number of resources on how to combine GraphQL and Angular 2 has been on the rise. Right now, it's fair to say that GraphQL has officially entered the Angular 2 scene!

Relay 2: Simpler, Faster, More Predictable

Check the recap of the recent presentation by @wincent at the Silicon Valley ReactJS Meetup with the announcement of Relay 2. This is exciting news for Facebook's GraphQL client, whose next major version promises to be simpler, faster, better, stronger... We can't wait to find out more about Relay 2 in the coming weeks!

Benefits of Exposing Data Through GraphQL

GraphQL is rapidly growing and more and more companies are deciding to migrate their APIs to GraphQL. This article gives an insight in @eric_groves' experiences with adapting the @hudl API to GraphQL.

Open Source


This early-stage project tries to fill the lack of solutions for handling AWS DynamoDB through GraphQL. Pyrope is a Node.js promise-based ORM for GraphQL and AWS DynamoDB. That was quite a lot of acronyms.


A self contained GraphQL-API runtime on top of PouchDB that features a shorthand notation, CouchDB synchronisation and GraphiQL integration. You should try one of the featured examples now and check back regularly, as the roadmap of this project is quite ambitious.