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Pagination and Infinite Scrolling in Apollo Client

Read about Apollo Client's solution for the highly anticipated feature of infinite scrolling and pagination. It takes a more flexible approach than Relay does, which one do you prefer?

Getting started with GraphQL queries and mutations

A tutorial exploring Buildkite's GraphQL schema in GraphiQL. A good opportunity to revisit your query and mutation skills! Nice to see more and more services counting on GraphQL in production.

Demystifying Optimistic Updates in Relay

Optimistic Updates is a powerful concept used in Relay to improve User Experience. Learn how to use them effectively in your app in this tutorial.

Open Source


A Redux middleware that is generating GraphQL queries. Relay and Apollo Client already take different stances towards Redux, so it's exciting to see how this library takes a twist on this matter.


Data-fetching in React applications with Relay & GraphQL

Check the slides from a presentation on using Relay in your React app given by @__xuorig__ a few days ago for @jsmontreal.