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Articles & Videos

From REST to GraphQL

GraphQL was one of the big topics @FullStackFest. The presentation @__xuorig__ gave there covers everything from queries and mutations to caching and even upcoming features like subscriptions and deferred queries. You should definitely give the slides some love and check them out!

GraphQL with the Serverless Framework

Learn how @johncmckim combined GraphQL, AWS Lambda and React with the Serverless Framework to build a dashboard for plant monitoring in this detailed article. Who would have thought that GraphQL will be used in gardens one day? What a time to be alive.

Open Source


This neat utility package provides a wrapper around GraphQL's types, making the syntax slightly less repetitive and reduces redundant typing. Even the name of the package follows the same philosophy! It offers three different syntax styles: micro, short and medium. Which one is your favorite?


Another cool project providing utility for your GraphQL server. You can use graphql-parse-fields to convert GraphQLResolveInfo into a JSON tree and choose to keep or get rid of the root. Furthermore, the data layout of GraphQL ASTs can be obtained as JSON.


[RFC] Changes to connections spec and implementation

@ollermi suggests changes to the specification and implementation of Relay connections in this RFC. It even includes a detailed change to the pagination algorithm, kudos for the effort! Maybe some of our readers can chime in and share their opinion on this matter?