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Is GraphQL Still Relevant in an HTTP2 World?

This interesting article by Marc-André Giroux discusses the power of HTTP/3 and how multiplexing changes HTTP APIs. He questions whether the reasons to use GraphQL are still valid, since part of GraphQL’s appeal is that it helps manage HTTP/1 connections better. He also argues for both benefits and downfalls of HTTP/2 and GraphQL, mentioning his thoughts on what the future of APIs might look like.

Why is everyone so emotional about GraphQL?

This blog examines the foundation of GraphQL and the community’s differing responses on the rise of implementation and increasing replacement of REST. Matt McLarty shares some advice to GraphQL advocates, REST experts, and those alike. He proposes that GraphQL and REST should no longer be separated into such distinct dichotomies, but should work together and coevolve to create better, well-designed APIs.


From zero to a serverless GraphQL endpoint in a flash

Learn how to create a serverless GraphQL endpoint in this tutorial where they explain how to work with server less functions, deploy on AWS Lambda, and utilize the Netlify CLI tool. This guide breaks down how to build your schema and resolvers, and interact with the endpoint using the GraphQL playground. Explore the example code as well as the files created throughout the tutorial in the GitHub repository at the end.


Supercharging JAMstack apps with multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines

Check out this talk from the JAMstack Conference 2019 by Sean Grove where he explains the lifecycle for a developer using GraphQL. Sean walks through the steps of creating a JAMstack app and explores how to automate an ad-hoc GraphQL pipeline from start to finish. He demos how to combine multiple persisted queries in GraphQL to succinctly encompass all of the chaining work.

GraphQL Berlin Talks

This collection of videos is a great resource for watching the talks from the GraphQL Berlin meetup. It includes presentations on system design and architecture, key learnings from implementing auth with GraphQL, and singularity. Learn more about GraphQL fundamentals as well as implementation patterns from these discussions.