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Why We Don’t See Many Public GraphQL APIs

Marc-André Giroux describes his experience and learnings from the API Specifications Conference, where he noticed that most GraphQL APIs seem to be either private or partner related. This article breaks down what conventions can lead to good public APIs, which use cases to focus on, and how to secure APIs. He also provides his thoughts on the future of public GraphQL APIs and potential tradeoffs for developers and other companies.

Behind Graphql: A first-principles approach

This article by Bogdan Nedelcu questions the process of adopting GraphQL in replacement of traditional REST APIs. He breaks down the well-known design patterns, like the API Gateway, Integration Database, and Data Federation pattern, while discussing the advantages and limitations that GraphQL inherits from these patterns. The article also provides tips on solution patterns for GraphQL that can be used to help scale and increase development speed.

3 ways of strengthening your GraphQL API

This brief article explores some options to help make collaboration on a GraphQL API a smoother experience. Tomek Poniatowicz uses GraphQL Inspector, a CLI tool, to detect changes and validate documents against schemas to improve development efficiency. He also mentions the GraphQL Editor tool that helps build and manage GraphQL schemas visually, including the different features the tool has. Learn more on how you can improve the structure and development of your GraphQL APIs in this article.


Guide to the GraphQL Ecosystem

Ben Awad offers an overview of some popular GraphQL tools that he recommends using depending on schema-first or code-first development. Watch and learn as he shares his experience with multiple server set ups, databases, ORM tools, and other GraphQL services. Ben also provides his thoughts on React frontend tools that work the best in junction with GraphQL.

GraphQL by Example – Apollo Server with Express, Object and List Types, Query Arguments

Mirko Nasato dives deep into the concepts of integrating Express with an Apollo Server, passing arguments in GraphQL queries, handling associations between objects, and more. This section is an excerpt from the full course on learning GraphQL with fullstack JavaScript examples. He live codes how to build specific queries as well as view your data through GraphiQL.


GraphQL Summit livestream next Wednesday and Thursday

GraphQL Summit is coming up next Wednesday and Thursday, October 30th and 31st! A few tickets are still available to attend Summit in SF (use promo code WEEKLY for 15% off). If you prefer watching the livestream, you can find the link here to follow 19 of the 55 sessions. Talks will include: Extending GraphQL APIs with Durable Functions, Migrating to Apollo at Airbnb, Transforming Customer Experiences and your Organization with GraphQL, The GraphQL Developer Experience, Caching & GraphQL: Setting the Story Straight, and more.