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Easily Deploy GraphQL APIs with Serverless Components

A great walkthrough on how to use the brand new Serverless Components to deploy a GraphQL API on AWS in minutes. The step by step tutorial takes you through every step from configuration all the way to consuming your lambda deployed GraphQL API.

Getting Started with GraphQL and React Native

A simple yet insightful tutorial for React Native developers trying to learn GraphQL. Jamie, the author, helps you harness ApolloClient to build a beautiful coffee e-commerce native application. By providing strategies on how to use context for better state management, this articles even touches on some best practices for React Native architecture and data management.


GraphQL Basics - Build an app with the SpaceX API

A great introductory GraphQL tutorial by the Fireship Youtube channel. While building a killer SpaceX themed web application and GraphQL API you will learn all the basics including querying, types, resolvers and even some type generation. All this while building an Angular web application.

REST in Peace: Abusing GraphQL to Attack Underlying Infrastructure

An extreme deep dive into malicious attacks on GraphQL and security strategies to mitigate these risks. The excellent talk includes detailed examples and explanations of the more common ways to abuse a GraphQL API through querying, SQL injection, and even some pre-built tools. A great watch for advanced GraphQL use cases.

Empowering GraphQL on the Monolith by Dinah Shi

Dinah at Github Packages does a great job of reviewing how Github handles a GraphQL monolith at scale. With great examples of filed level authorization, server efficiency, rate limiting and cacheing, this talk is power packed with GraphQL strategies and best practices. Examples are in Ruby but the conventions are relevant to most GraphQL implementations.