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An Introduction Tutorial To Apollo GraphQL Federation

Learn about what Apollo Federation and what problems that federation is trying to solve with a real-time example. This tutorial explains the Apollo GraphQL Federation core concepts, such as entities and keys and external type references, through multiple examples. The article also depicts how to build a microservice that contains various services and an API gateway.


Efficient GraphQL queries in Ruby on Rails & Postgres

This article discusses what N+1 queries are, how they are easily produced in GraphQL, and how to solve them using the graphql-batch gem along with a few custom batch loaders. Leigh Halliday also covers the techniques to optimize GraphQL queries, efficiently handle batch loading, and lazy-load data only when required. To get started, the source code and resources can all be found throughout the article.


Intro to GraphQL plus Gatsby Schema Stitching

In this webinar, John Wilkins shares the benefits of a universal GraphQL graph over traditional web services like REST and JSON:API. He also provides points on how a GraphQL endpoint provides data and how GraphQL can stitch multiple sources of data into one graph using schema stitching. John live demos simple schema stitching using Gatsby’s gatsby-source-graphql plugin.

How we run GraphQL APIs in production on our Kubernetes cluster

Listen to Alexys Jacob’s talk from the EuroPython Conference 2019 where he shares the workflow and tools Numberly used to build, deploy, and operate GraphQL APIs on their Kubernetes cluster. He provides code and command examples to explain the transition from REST APIs on Web servers to GraphQL APIs containers on Kubernetes. The talk also includes how the Kubernetes cluster was designed, their GraphQL stack, and what Numberly is working on to continuously improve.

Wrapping and Securing REST APIs with GraphQL

Check out Roy Derks’ talk at the Node.js Edinburgh Meetup 2019 where he presents the problems of multiple endpoints, over-fetching, versioning, and more that come with REST and how flexible GraphQL is in solving these issues. He also shares some sample code on adding authentication to properly validate JWTs with your GraphQL wrapper. Roy demos how to implement GraphQL on top of your existing data and code in a secure manner.