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How to Add File Upload to Your GraphQL API

This detailed guide explains the recent addition to the GraphQL specification, file upload, and how to upload files directly with GraphQL APIs. John Au-Yeung shares his process on building an image gallery app that accepts file uploads along with text data using Express and an Angular frontend. The sample code throughout the tutorial demonstrates how to define types of data for queries and mutations and how to make the GraphQL request to the API.

A Gentle Introduction To GraphQL With Elixir And Phoenix

This comprehensive tutorial teaches how to build a working GraphQL app using Elixir and Phoenix. The guide starts with setting up a new project, adding the library Absinthe, and creating GraphQL queries. It also explains how to design the data shape as well as writing mutations and resolvers. Learn how to utilize GraphQL’s ability to fetch huge data sets and implement GraphQL APIs in Elixir to build high performance and low maintenance systems.


GraphQL in Python

Patrick Arminio presents GraphQL in Python at the EuroPython Conference, where he describes what GraphQL is and what the current state of GraphQL libraries is in Python. He provides a brief history and several examples as to why GraphQL has advantages over REST. The talk also takes a look at the new library, Strawberry, that is inspired by dataclasses and can help generate GraphQL schemas and enable static type-checking.

Developing Serverless applications with GraphQL

Learn how Serverless applications work with Marcia Villalba in this brief talk discussing the different methods of implementing your own GraphQL server and how the AppSync platform functions. She explains the advantages to using AWS AppSync and what features are available on the console. Marcia also dives into the importance of infrastructure as code and integrating the Serverless Framework plugin.

JWT Authentication Node.js Tutorial with GraphQL and React

Follow along with Ben Awad as he live codes how to add JWT authentication to your project with this fullstack tutorial using Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, React, and PostgreSQL. Ben steps through setting up a GraphQL server on the backend and GraphQL Code Generator on the frontend. The app can handle authenticated mutations/queries, register users, refresh tokens, and more.