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Prisma Horizontal Scaling: A Practical Guide

Nicola Molinari from Commercetools dives into how they used Prisma in production. The article was written with the goal of sharing more information around the tool choices companies need to make when setting up in production. The piece itself covers how Commercetools set up Prisma with Kubernetes on GCP, using Helm, RabbitMQ, and GCP's Key Management Services. It also goes into the details of their configuration and highly available set up.

Building a Microservice API Gateway for iHeartRadio’s Radio Station Network

Mark Cahill covers how iHeartRadio uses GraphQL as a API gateway for microservices. The thorough article underscores its points with a variety of useful examples and a sample application for individuals eager to explore the code further.

Open Source

Open Collective Public GraphQL API preview

Open Collective, a platform for helping organisations transparently collect and manage their money, has announced a preview of their public GraphQL API. Users can also get an overview of the API with the GraphQL Playground that comes with the project or review Open Collective's static API docs


Graphpack is a minimalistic zero-config GraphQL server. Using webpack with nodemon and Apollo Server, Graphpack offers features like Live Reloading, GraphQL Playground, GraphQL Imports and more. You can also jump right in with the Graphpack demo on CodeSandbox


GraphQL Finland Talks

GraphQL Finland was held last week in Helsinki, and the talks have been uploaded to youtube! Some of the many topics include end-to-end type-safety with GraphQL, improving GraphQL documentation, and incorporating GraphQL in large organizations. Check out all sixteen videos! ?