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Introducing graphqlgen

On Tuesday, Prisma announce its release of graphqlgen, a tool to help implement type-safe resolvers. Because the lack of type-safety can introduce errors into the code, and these issues can escalate to inconsistencies between resolvers and the GraphQL schema, or unclear mapping between models and resolvers, using a tool to autogenerate the required boilerplate can do a lot to reduce these pitfalls. You can read the announcement blog post or check out the demo video.

Saleor 2.0

On Halloween, Saleor released the 2.0 version of their open source e-commerce storefront based on GraphQL, Django, and ReactJS. The new version features a PWA storefront, a full API, and a modular setup. You can read more about the new version and transition in their medium post or check out their repo on Github.


GraphQL @ Medium Tech Talk Videos

Medium hosted a series of GraphQL tech talks last week, and the videos have now been uploaded to youtube. 3 talks cover various topics such as "Figuring out when and where to query using GraphQL" by Jonathan Fuchs, "Medium's Android app powered by RxApollo" by Dan Gilk, and "200 OK! Error handling in GraphQL" by Sasha Solomon.

GraphQL without GraphQL

In his talk at React Con 2018, Conor Hastings offers up an interesting proposition: GraphQL without GraphQL. Sharing his RouteQL project, he offers a possibility for how people could consider taking on some aspects of GraphQL in their code, specifically the power of the query system, without having to implement all of the aspects of GraphQL. As he points out in is talk, the code is compatible with GraphQL, so it could potentially make a migration to GraphQL in the future easier.


Exploring the Strongly Typed Graph

Lauren Tan shares her vision of a "Strongly Typed Graph." Describing the benefits of end to end type-safety, Lauren offers up an example of how this could work across an entire organization. Take a read through her blog post, or learn more about type systems from her talk at React Rally 2018: Swipe Left, Uncaught TypeError: Learning to Love Type Systems.