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Getting a Grip on GraphQL

Annyce Davis covers creating a GraphQL Server with a stack written entirely in Kotlin in her talk at KotlinConf 2018 . She discusses the basics of GraphQL and dives how you can integrate the Apollo Client library. All this with a data set based on UFO sightings. Spooky! ?


GraphQL: A success story for PayPal Checkout

The engineers at Paypal share their experience moving to GraphQL and their various experiments with REST that motivated them to make the switch. This article is a kickoff to a number of further pieces they'll be writing diving more deeply into deploying GraphQL at a large organization.

Open Source


Gridsome, a brand new static site generator that offers a universal GraphQL layer, is now live and will be going into beta soon. Developed for over a year, Gridsome is built on Vue.JS and allows you to use GraphQL playground to explore all of your data. The project is in its earliest stages now and you can check out the repo to offer feedback or contributions.


graphql.js (not to be confused with the JavaScript reference implementation for GraphQL) is a very light GraphQL client with intelligent features. With a select set of functionality, it offers a quick way to get started with a GraphQL client.


GraphQL Conf ?

GraphQL Conf 2019 is officially announced! Focused on bringing together the global GraphQL community, GraphQL Conf is a non-profit conference with speakers from all around the world! Conference speakers include Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, and Mirela Iclodean. The conference will be on June 20th and 21st, 2019, in Berlin and the Call for Papers is now open! Early bird tickets are also available!