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GraphQL Server Boilerplate Intermediate Tutorial

Free Code Camp has published an 8 hour course by Ben Awad that covers how to code a GraphQL server boilerplate. The course, which is available on youtube, covers a variety of tools: Typescript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, React, Jest, OAuth, TypeORM, and SparkPost, and goes from setting up a TypeORM project, all the way up to testing.

Advanced React & GraphQL

Wes Bos has released his newest course on Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL, covering tools like React, Apollo Client, GraphQL Yoga & Prisma. The 16 hour workshop covers building a demo store app and also dedicates a significant portion of its time to testing.


CodePen Podcast: GraphQL

The hosts of the CodePen podcast cover why they moved to GraphQL and share their implementation with Apollo. The podcast dives deep into the technical choices the team made and the current state of their app— a fascinating listen to learn more about GraphQL in production.


A Journey With GraphQL

In their talk at the London Node User Group, Michelle and Faduma cover how they moved the Vogue and GQ websites to GraphQL. In addition to covering how they made the migration, they discuss the challenges they experienced with their original application and how GraphQL helped address them.


Designing a GraphQL API

Shopify has published a tutorial on designing a new GraphQL API. Originally written for internal use, they have adapted it for the public. The guide offers detailed and well-documented steps to consider for crafting various aspects of a GraphQL API for an ecommerce site. The authors of the piece encourage readers to choose the guidelines that work best for their situation— reading through this piece, whether choosing to implement all of its suggestions or not, is still a great exercise.