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Open Source


Sara Vieira has created an API that lets you run queries for kittens! Try it out to see which ? you get!


With October starting off, Hacktoberfest, the month long celebration of open source, is underway. Over the course of October, five Pull Requests to any open source project on Github will make you eligible for a cool t-shirt and give you the satisfaction of giving back to some of your favorite GraphQL projects. You can also look for issues tagged "Hacktoberfest" to get started.

GraphQL Mongo Helpers

A package of two tools to use when building a GraphQL API with MongoDB. You can also read the accompanying articles on An Introduction to the GraphQL Mongo Helpers and Client-Supplied Custom Sorting Using GraphQL to learn more.

Choke Points for a GraphQL Performance Benchmark

Researchers in the Database and Web Information Systems Group at Linköping University are seeking feedback on their first design artifact as part of their goal to design a performance benchmark for GraphQL server implementations. Olaf Hartig has written up a full description of their motivation and ask on Github. Read more about their project and share your feedback.


Prisma: GraphQL Infrastructure with Soren Bramer Schmidt

On the Software Engineering Daily Podcast, Søren Bramer Schmidt, the CTO and co-founder of Prisma, outlines the vision of Prisma as a data layer and discusses the benefits of using GraphQL as the query layer