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Created by Jayden Seric, this is a lightweight GraphQL client for React; the first Relay and Apollo alternative with server side rendering. With a far smaller installation size, the client only has one dependency and doesn't require the gql tag for syntax highlighting.


A tool that turns APIs described by OpenAPI specifications (OAS) into GraphQL interfaces.


Discovering GraphQL endpoints and SQLi vulnerabilities

Matías Choren covers the way that individuals can confirm that GraphQL is being used and some SQL injections that may affect it. A sobering reminder that security should be top of mind no matter the tool in use.

Full Schema Stitching with Apollo Server

A post that cover stitching queries, mutations, and subscriptions from an Apollo Server and its Links packages, focused on the core of schema stitching. For those new to schema stitching, one can find a broader introduction here.


Build Full-Stack Apps with GraphQL, Prisma, Node and React

In this eleven hour course, Haider Malik covers building a scalable GraphQL API, as well as full stack and front end apps. This course also does a deep dive into Prisma and Apollo Client.