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How to use arrays in GraphQL (GraphQL Modifiers)

In this article David Mraz goes through modifiers, a special group of types which allows users to modify the default behavior of other GraphQL types. In GraphQL we deal with various types, such as scalars and custom scalars, enums, objects and input object types, and more abstract types - interfaces and union types. Check out this article to learn how you can leverage these types in your application!

Layering GraphQL on top of REST

Building a universal GraphQL API on top of your existing REST APIs and backends allows you to ship new features without writing new endpoints or waiting for backend changes. This post from Prosper Otemuyiwa walks you through writing a GraphQL API on top of an existing PHP backend! It's a must read for engineers transitioning to GraphQL from a previous REST-based architecture.


GraphQL at NebraskaJS

This talk from NebraskaJS by Dustin Schau is aimed to get you up to speed with GraphQL. First touching on how current REST based applications are built, Dustin then goes deep into GraphQL fundamentals and even shows off how you can integrate GraphQL in your client applications.

Learning GraphQL

This post from Eve Porcello of Moon Highway goes over an overview of their new book Learning GraphQL. Alex Banks and Eve have spent countless hours researching, working with, and writing about GraphQL to ensure that students and readers grasp GraphQL fundamentals. If people have a great experience learning, they’ll get excited about working with GraphQL. Check out their book now!

Open Source

New version of GraphQL Shield

graphql-shield by Matic Zavadlal has surpassed 600 stars and is out with a new version! GraphQL Shield now lets you whitelist permissions, return custom error messages, and use fragments in your rules.