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Prisma Client (Beta): Simplified & Type-safe Database Access

Prisma has released the new Prisma client into beta. The Prisma client serves a similar purpose as Prisma bindings but can also be used with REST APIs, CLIs, scripting, etc. This beta release is available in a variety of languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Flow and Go! The announcement blog post highlights a number of use cases and shows you how to get started quickly!


Build a Full GraphQL Server with Node.js

While there are many articles on setting up a GraphQL server, Jack Scott has published one with all of that useful information compiled into a single detailed guide on setting up a production server. This comprehensive article covers topics from creating a basic GraphQL structure and making queries and mutations, to connecting a database and adding authentication and authorisation. This is a great article for people seeking a full introduction to GraphQL servers and is packed with helpful links to learn more.

A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL API Integrations

Hugo di Francesco shares a quick introduction to the core concepts around consuming a GraphQL API. This is an example heavy article and a great reference!


Going GraphQL at GopherCon UK

Chris Biscardi covers the benefits of GraphQL over REST in his talk at GopherCon UK. He offers an introduction to GraphQL overall and highlights some tools and tips to working with GraphQL in the Go Ecosystem.

Preview More Complete Workflows for Issues in GraphQL

Github has just released a fuller Issue API that uses GraphQL. You can see all of the available new objects in their docs and they are seeking feedback on the interactions. Let them know what you think!