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Building Trending Activity Feeds Using GraphQL And Neo4j

This post by William Lyon shows how the Neo4j developer relations team built out a trending activity feed feature on the Neo4j Community Forum. This is an awesome article because they go in depth on their 'GraphQL First' development approach. William breaks down the APIs of this feature and shows off their view of the GRAND stack. Check this out!

Tools & Open Source

Take a sip of Sangria!

'Take a sip of Sangria' is an example of a GraphQL server written with the Play framework and Sangria. Ever wanted to play around with Sangria and Scala? Take a look at the example repo or just have fun making queries in the embedded playground.


Graft is a ReasonML solution for type-safe querying against an automatic GraphQL backend. Graft helps you set up a Postgraphile backend based on PostgreSQL, Express, and Apollo, and then connect to it using ReasonML on the front end.

graphql-js v14.0.0

Checkout the release notes to the latest version of graphql-js. According to Lee Byron, 'this may be the biggest release of GraphQL.js in years'.


ngAir - GraphQL With Bonnie Brennan

In this episode of ngAir, Bonnie Brennan walks through the ins and outs of GraphQL. From explaining the initial concepts of GraphQL she moves on to breaking down GraphQL clients, diving straight into Angular Apollo. Lastly, stick to the end to hear about some awesome tools to help your engineering workflow.