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Apollo Server and Express

In the following tutorial, you are going to implement server-side architecture with GraphQL and Apollo Server. Apollo Server on top of graphql-js aims to simplify building GraphQL servers in JavaScript. Checkout this tutorial to get an awesome boilerplate for your future GraphQL projects.


Improving Scalability: Up to Four Times More Throughput in Prisma 1.14

The latest release of Prisma contains many performance improvements making 1.14 the fastest version ever. This release brings significant improvements for both throughput and speed. When your Prisma server is operating under normal load, v1.14 reduces the time to resolve a single query by 35%. Prisma is now able to execute 4 times as many requests as before while maintaining single digit millisecond execution time.

Multiple Apollo Clients with React?

This article from Alejandro Estrada explains an alternative approach to the common GraphQL architectural pattern Schema Stitching. In this post, Alejandro walks through how easy it is to embed multiple Apollo Clients in your application. Along with that, Alejandro goes through the API Gateway approach and a unique take on client-side schema stitching.

GraphQL Gateway Architectures

This article from Tomas Alabes is all aboutGraphQL Gateway Architectures. GraphQL Gateways have been really crucial for supporting larger architectures in the GraphQL community. Thomas outlines Remote Schema Stitching, using Prisma's GraphQL Bindings, and much more.

How We're Constantly Improving the Performance of Prisma | Prisma

Fast and predictable performance is crucial for software to succeed. Therefore, ensuring great performance is of Prisma's key goals. This post discusses the practices and tools used by the Prisma engineering team to make sure that their software meets high performance standards.


Everything You Need to Know About GraphQL in 3 Components

This talk from React Rally by Eve Porcello is one of the most entertaining and informational talks on GraphQL we've ever seen! Check out this amazing speaker as she explains what every React developer needs to know in 3 components.